Scott Kalin, LPC


Therapy is effective when the therapist is guiding the client down a path that the therapist has already successfully completed. My heightened emotional sensitivity to myself and the world surrounding me led me on a journey of self-discovery where I learned to resolve my personal losses and access my power and intuition.  Through the lessons of my resolved cycles of suffering, I have found consistent access to my emotional maturity and intuitive wisdom: Giving me the gift of living in the flow of life. Once I became grounded in the depth & flow of my being, I felt called to guide others who are on a similar journey.

I excel at helping people resolve issues related to Loneliness, Relationship Struggles, Emotional Sensitivity, Spiritual Embodiment, Reclaiming Masculinity, Emptiness, Inhibited Grieving, Differentiating from Parents, Sexual Trauma, & Unexpected Loss. I have 19 years of mindfulness experience, including 25 retreats, which I teach & model to my clients.

If you feel stuck within your life, repeating the same mistakes & patterns without making consistent progress, then you may be suffering from inhibited grieving. I can teach you to use mindfulness & self-compassion to develop a positive relationship with rejection & loss, transforming your emotional pain into personal growth & successful relationships.