Mindfulness Group – Introduction to and practice of core mindfulness skills including Focusing on the Breath, Paired Muscle Relaxation, Body Scan, Loving Kindness, Chief Hope, and Open Presence. This group is offered for 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

DBT Skills Group – A training program teaching DBT skills and there application from Marsha Linehan’s Skills Training Manual 2nd Edition.  Modules included are Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Middle Path.  We offer a wide array of DBT skills groups from the traditional 24 week DBT group, to an 8 week Introduction to DBT group, to a 4 week group for health professionals.

Process Group – Process group begins with a mindfulness exercise, followed by a therapist lecture regarding DBT philosophy, and closes with open group led by therapists to foster authentic and healthy connections among group members.  Process group is proven effective for decreasing symptoms related to social anxiety, increasing self-trust, and increasing abilities to develop and maintain balanced relationships with others.  It offers the opportunity to practice skills learned in DBT skills group in a moderated environment.  Process group is based on modern psychoanalytical models of group therapy, popularized by the American Group Psychotherapy Association.


*Please email us at to ask questions or express interest in enrolling in one or more of the groups.  We are able to start a group once we have 3 registered members.