We recognize that all individuals have an innate desire to feel heard, to feel seen.  This is particularly true in our relationships with our partners and loved ones.  Challenges can arise prior to marriage, at the beginning of marriage, during unexpected life stressors such as illnesses, losses or fertility issues, during or after pregnancy, while raising children or adolescents, or even during a separation or a divorce.  Our support can assist all parties in sharing with and hearing one another to achieve mutual goals.

Unresolved conflict is damaging to marriages and relationships.  Hurt feelings are buried, resentment builds, and shame, anger, and fear become the primary modes of relating.  It can leave both individuals feeling lonely and unappreciated.  But conflict is scary; many of us associate conflict with emotional disconnection.  We offer psychoeducation on healthy conflict resolution including a basic structure and in session support to decrease the fear associated with resolving both minor and more significant conflicts.  We foster the emotional connection while acknowledging differences.  After couples learn and practice conflict resolution, the process of rupture and repair leads to increased trust, accountability, and intimacy in the relationship.